Temporary Smoke Shelter

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Emergency Temporary Smoke Shelters

Wildfires impact a wide range of people and environments. Smoke created by these fires is comprised of nanoparticles and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), aggravating even the healthiest of people and strongly affecting those groups that are most vulnerable, from school children to the elderly. Local governments in heavily affected areas are not equipped to support their communities when smoke permeates everything. People are advised to simply stay indoors when the air quality index (AQI) exceeds hazardous levels. Unfortunately, many facilities (residential, private or public) are inadequately equipped to filter out smoke contamination and it’s only a matter of time before the indoor environments are also hazardous. Communities –  especially those directly exposed to the fires – deploy emergency smoke shelters or repurpose buildings such as schools, multipurpose centers, churches and other public use facilities. These buildings are not equipped to handle the number of people taking refuge in them, let alone heavy smoke contamination.

The Element Grow E1 Air Filtration Unit and E2 Air Filtration unit with E-Guardian Monitoring are rapidly deployable, portable, plug-n-play air filtration systems that create clean environments. This means they can transform almost any enclosed area into clean and safe sanctuaries for both communities and those battling the fires. The E2 Air Filtration unit with E-Guardian Monitoring is designed to monitor human health specifically by tracking the Air Quality Indexes PM2.5 and PM10 and provides active reporting on the safety of the environment in which it’s installed. When properly equipped with our carbon prefilter and standard final filter, 95% of all particles and VOC’s affecting human health are removed in a single pass.

Safety & Integrity

Element Grow products are designed with human health in mind by monitoring Air Quality Indexes most important to human health and capturing air particles to keep you safe.

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