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Mold Remediation Industry

When safety counts, the Element Grow suite of products is there to add value to and support mold remediation by providing a first line of proven defense against airborne contamination from mold spores. Techniques and technologies to remediate and decontaminate facilities or buildings have not changed much over the past two decades. As such, Element Grow seeks to enhance remediation efforts by providing reliable industrial equipment that can ensure there is no spread of mold spores during the process.

As a portable unit with multiple discharge options, the Element Grow E1 Air Filtration Unit is a portable industrial grade air filtration powerhouse. It removes airborne particles 0.3 microns and larger and can be completely and fully chemically sanitized and brought to the next job without fear of cross contamination. The Element Grow E2 Air Filtration Unit with E-Guardian Monitoring builds on the performance of the E1 with the addition of the E-Guardian Air Monitoring System. The built in E-Guardian system actively monitors the remediation environment. It automatically responds by increasing particle capture levels and sends alerts when conditions exceed unsafe levels. This alert and response system is in direct response to particles that might escape during negative air machine use. In addition, the E-Guardian system records particle levels for the duration of the project, giving you data (and peace of mind) proving that the site is indeed clean and safe.

Safety & Integrity

The Element Grow line of products are value added for mold remediation processes by providing protection against airborne contamination and data-driven peace of mind other spaces remain contaminate free.

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