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The indoor growing market is diverse in its application and production. From a variety of greenhouse types to old warehouses converted for vertical grows or cannabis, the spaces for indoor growing are many and require a dedicated focus on preventing crop contamination and maximizing crop yield. Every type of indoor grow faces its unique challenges. Contamination can originate from the outside or be generated internally and can be very costly in time, money, and product reputation. This is why equipment that helps clean and monitor contaminants in your growing facilities is crucial not only for the product you produce, but for the sustainability of your bottom line.

Whether you’re trying to mitigate powdery mildew risks or develop a GMP certified indoor grow environment, Element Grow has the right solution for you. The Element Grow lineup is designed to both control and provide early detection of problems before they ever become a real risk to the crop. The Element Grow E1 Air Filtration Unit and E2 Air Filtration Unit with E-Guardian Monitoring have near 100% efficiency in capturing any and all airborne powdery mildew spores, pollen and other airborne contaminants. They are able to do this with high energy efficiency, allowing indoor grow operators to expand the temperature and humidity profiles of the room, providing additional HVAC energy efficiency. These units are designed to be rapidly deployable, portable and permanent solutions to maintain a sterile environment.

Whether your product is destined for domestic or international markets, it’s important to show compliance and certification under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) regulations. Air filtration and monitoring are the only certifiably recognized means for facility GMP compliance. The E2 Air Filtration Unit with E-Guardian Monitoring and stand alone E-Guardian Monitoring System provide simple and immediate tools for GMP compliance right out of the box.

Safety & Integrity

The Element Grow line of products are designed for use in dirty, damp environments and can help reduce workload to boost your ROI.

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