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How can your products help me stay within Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines?

The suite of Element Grow products are entirely focused around compliance with all United States, European Union and Canadian Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) regulatory standards for developing a clean facility and active monitoring/recording of a facility or production process. Element Grow products are plug-n-play solutions that act as a foundation to compliance and the ISO 9000/9001 quality control framework. Contact us today to see how Element Grow products are a fit for your facility and regulatory framework.

How can your products help me prevent and remediate powdery mildew?

A truly clean facility means starting clean and maintaining it. The golden rule for clean facilities is preventing contaminates from entering. However, if contamination does get in, it is important to control where it goes. The energy efficient E1 and E2 units are both designed and proven to achieve a certifiable clean facility in less than an hour. They are designed with specially selected filters and fan combinations to control particles that affect indoor grows the most.

Powdery mildew typically exists between 20-30 microns in size. The E1 and E2 units are nearly 100% effective in capturing all powdery mildew spores in a single pass and holding it indefinitely. The units clever design pushes clean air through the upper plant canopy and draws contaminated air low thereby minimizing spore spread. If there are no mold spores in the air, then there is nothing to spread across the rest of your crop.

The E2 is an autonomous system designed to ‘see’ these invisible particles and automatically react to powdery mildew contamination by speeding up the fan when greater control is needed to prevent the spread of powdery mildew via airborne contact. Upon detection of particles between 20-30 micron, the E2 will also alert the grower and give a tremendous advantage to early intervention techniques that will save an otherwise unprotected crop from damage and lost revenue.

The Element Grow air filtration units are proven easy to use solutions that can also protect crops already in distress. As the core foundation to an integrated pest management (IPM) plan, an Element Grow suite of products allows a grower to rapidly recover successive crops and and spaces as well as maintain clean PM-free harvests.

Do your products produce emissions?

No. The E1 and E2 units have been consciously designed to be absolutely clean over their entire service life. They have zero contribution of any particles or VOCs to any environment. Competitors who build similar air filtration units use belts that shed rubber micro-waste and require regular replacement and/or have fibrous insulation and other unwanted contaminants. While we expect the E1 and E2 units to reliably serve you for many years, Element Grow is an environmentally conscious company and has taken extra care in its design to ensure that the units are almost entirely recyclable.

Are your products energy efficient?

The E1 and E2 units represent a no-nonsense step forward as industry leading, energy efficient air cleaning devices. When the filters are clean, the unit uses less than 300 watts of electricity per 2,000 CFM. The units were specifically designed to be used in extraction, indoor agriculture, food processing facilities, and to maximize risk reduction potential while maintaining low operation cost. Depending on the cost of power in your area, it can cost as little as $0.50 USD/day to operate!

The E-Guardian Monitoring System continuously monitors and alerts with ultra low power consumption of no more than 30-watts.

For just pennies a day, the Element Grow suite of products continuously protects your facilities and products without adding to other environmental costs.

What makes the E1 and E2 different from other air cleaners?

A key differentiator of the E1 and E2 Air Filtration units is that they carry a water resistance rating of IP56 and are designed to be regularly sanitized and chemically sterilized both inside and out without voiding warranty. These units are specifically designed for lab extraction, food processing and indoor agriculture markets with this need for cleanliness and prohibition of cross-contamination in mind. These units have been thoroughly tested to ensure they can endure these high use, sanitary environments. No other product on the market carries this rating or guarantee. If our competitor units get wet, the warranty is void and damage can occur.

The E1 and E2 are incredibly flexible in their installation. The portable E1 and E2 units can be rolled into an area 2,000 sq ft or less and scrub 99% of air particles 0.3 microns or more in less than 30 minutes. All units are made to perform reliably, efficiently and maintenance-free for years, offering the lowest total cost of ownership of any similar product on the market.

The E2 units are the only industrial air filtration units on the market with built in IIoT based smart monitoring technology. Its early warning system will alert you to jumps in particle counts while automatically adjusting the fan speed to capture them quicker. Data can be exported for records keeping and use in reporting.

How often will filters need replaced?

The short answer is: it depends on how dirty your facility is. We structure this conversation around the two different filters provided in the unit. We have a less expensive prefilter that absorbs a majority of airborne contaminants. Behind it is a pricier final filter that removes the remaining smaller contaminants in the airstream before the air is released back into the facility. We provide pressure gauges for each filter to indicate when an individual filter needs to be changed. Feedback from our indoor agriculture clients is that they tend to replace the prefilter after each harvest (~12 weeks) and the final filter every 6 months or so. Each facility and operation is unique, so please contact us with your desired application of the unit and we can provide complementary recommendations and feedback specific to your needs.

Where can the E1 and E2 units be installed?

Both the mobile E1 and E2 units and mounted E1 units are designed to be flexible in their application and where they can be installed. All units are water resistant and can be installed both indoors and outdoors (when properly equipped). We have multiple installation and filter options available and encourage you to contact us with your application so we can guide you to the best unit design and placement.

The mobile units can be rolled into any indoor facility, plugged in and turned on for immediate use. The unit is most effective if it is positioned at the end or midpoint of a long room, preferably against a wall. Clean air will discharge high into the room and sweep contaminants down and low into the filters. The mobile E1 and E2 units have the option of coming with three different air discharge options: grille (standard), omni-directional nozzles or ducted collars.

The mounted E1 unit can be installed inside or outside a facility. For a greenhouse or indoor grow, the unit can be setup to feed 100% fresh air into the unit, recirculate 100% of the room air or a combination of both. The unit can be installed vertically (similar to the mobile E1 unit) or horizontally and can be hung from most any weight supporting structure. The unit weighs less than 200 pounds, allowing for it to be supported by most structures if correctly setup. In all cases, we recommend drawing dirty air from down low (within 12” of the floor) and discharging clean air high into the facility. Contact us for recommendations and options.

Where can the E-Guardian be installed?

The E-Guardian system either comes integrated as part of the E2 unit or as a standalone product. The standalone E-Guardian system is configured as a base unit with integrated display and a remote sensor that can be installed up to 10 meters (33 feet) away from the base unit. The sensor can be co-located near the base unit, or can be installed in a separate room. In the case of an indoor agriculture facility, the sensor can be located in the plant room and the base unit display located outside the room in a corridor or other central traffic area for ease of access without disturbing the growing environment unnecessarily. The E-Guardian is also an excellent air particle monitoring system for measuring lab cleanliness or in a food production facility.

The integrated E-Guardian in the E2 unit does everything the standalone unit does but can also manually operate the onboard fan speed of the unit. It can be set to autonomously monitor contamination and control the fan in the case of a contamination detection anomaly.

The base unit is water resistant and can be sanitized/washed down safely with the ethernet port capped. The sensor is not meant for direct water spray or to be sanitized and can be damaged if water enters the sensor case. Prior to sanitizing or washing down a room, the sensor should be removed and placed into a safe location. When the space or unit is clean and dry, reinstall the sensor. Please contact us if you have questions on the best way to install the base unit and sensor or would like guidance with installation.

Are there future upgrades planned for the E2 and E-Guardian products?

The E2 and E-Guardian products are both IIoT devices with extremely robust industrial hardware that allows EG to roll out new features and product improvements on a regular basis. When you buy a cell phone, you expect the product to continue to receive updates to improve performance, security or enhanced features. The Element Grow products are no different. We are currently in development of additional features which may include new sensors, unlocked hardware or monitoring/analytical functions and energy saving features that will continue to better serve our customers and set us apart from competition. EG products are robust, durable and future-proofed for the life of the product.

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