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How is the E1 Air Filtration Unit Applicable and Beneficial for Indoor Growing Environments?

The Element Grow E1 Air Filtration Unit is extremely effective at removing contaminants, especially those unseen by the naked eye. Indoor grows hold potential for plant and food production problems via airborne contaminants (such as powdery mildew, mold spores and pollen) that are usually not discovered until it’s too late. The E1 continuously scrubs the air, effectively removing 99% of these airborne contaminants in less than 30 minutes. This allows growers the security and comfort to grow cleaner with less chemicals and ultimately create a safer crop.

Cross contamination is a regular issue of concern in indoor growing environments. The E1 can be regularly sanitized, inside and out, preventing cross contamination. This allows the unit to be introduced into problem areas, sterilized after use, and reused in other parts of the facility. No other unit in the market can be sterilized and maintain its warranty.

How is the E1 Air Filtration Unit Applicable and Beneficial to the Food Processing Industry?

Food-borne contaminants are the leading cause of safety recalls across the industry and can come in multiple forms. Additionally, worker safety takes paramount concern when working with products or foods that hold potential for mold or mildew concerns. With any food production facility, it’s critical to start with a clean facility and then maintain this cleanliness throughout the food production cycle. In some facilities where food production is in an older or hard-to clean space, the E1 Air Filtration unit can be installed to help control airborne threats such as pests and moisture-borne contaminants. E-coli and salmonella are known to spread and thrive in steam processing or steam sterilization environments.

It is equally as important to sterilize and sanitize food processing facilities as much as the equipment. The E1 can be sterilized and sanitized at-will. The E1 represents a significant step towards creating clean facilities and complying with the FDA and the Food Safety Modernization Act.

How does the E1 Air Filtration Unit work?

The Element Grow E1 Air Filtration unit is an air scrubbing device comprised of two different filters and an efficient, maintenance free fan. The portable E1 unit can be rolled into a room and simply plugged in. It draws dirty air from the bottom of the unit and discharges clean air (specifically air that is 99% free of any contaminants greater than 0.3 micron) from the top. The filters are arranged such that a majority of the contaminants are captured in the first, less expensive filter. The second, larger filter conducts final polishing of the air and maintains a longer lifespan between replacements.

What types of airborne contaminants will the E1 capture?

The standard E1 Air Filtration unit is designed to capture 99% of particles 0.3 micron in size and larger. This means it can capture mold and mildew spores, most bacteria, smoke particles and pollen. A customizable option allows the E1 to come with a carbon filter, allowing it to help capture crop and smoke odors. The filters used in the standard package were carefully selected and tuned to balance energy efficiency with maximum capture rates for the particles that pose the greatest risk to indoor agricultural and food processing facilities. Please contact us and let us help you select the right filter combination for your needs and success.

Does the E1 Air Filtration unit produce emissions?

No. The E1 Air Filtration unit has been consciously designed to be absolutely clean over it’s entire service life. It has zero contribution of any particles or VOCs to any environment due to its unique construction. Competitors who build similar air filtration units use belts that shed rubber micro-waste and require regular replacement and/or have fibrous insulation and other unwanted contaminants. While we expect the E1 to reliably serve you for many years, Element Grow is an environmentally conscious company and have taken extra care in its design to ensure that the unit is almost entirely recyclable.

Is the E1 energy efficient?

The E1 Air Filtration unit represents a major step forward as an industry leading energy efficient air cleaning device. When the filters are clean, the unit uses less than 300 watts of electricity per 2,000 CFM. The unit was specifically designed to be used in indoor agriculture and food processing facilities maximizing risk reduction potential while maintaining low operation cost. Depending on the cost of power in your area, it can cost as little as $0.50/day to operate!

What makes the E1 different from other air cleaning devices?

The key differentiator of the E1 Air Filtration unit is that it carries a water resistance rating of IP56 and is designed to be regularly sanitized and chemically sterilized both inside and out without voiding its warranty. The unit was specifically designed for indoor agriculture and food processing markets with this in mind. It has been thoroughly tested to ensure it can endure these harsh, high use environments. No other product on the market carries this rating or guarantee. If our competitors unit gets wet, the warranty is void and/or damage to self or equipment can occur.

The E1 is incredibly flexible in it’s installation. The portable E1 unit allows you to roll it into an area 2,000 sq ft or less and scrub 99% of air particles 0.3 microns or more in less than 30 minutes. All units are made to perform reliably, efficiently and maintenance-free for years, offering the lowest total cost of ownership of any similar product on the market.

How often will filters need replaced?

The short answer is: it depends on how dirty your facility is. We structure this conversation around the two different filters provided in the unit. We have a less expensive prefilter that absorbs a majority of airborne contaminants. Behind it is a pricier final filter that removes the remaining smaller contaminants in the airstream before the air is released back into the facility. We provide pressure gauges for each filter to indicate when an individual filter needs to be changed. Feedback from our indoor agriculture clients is that they tend to replace the prefilter after each harvest (~12 weeks) and the final filter every 6 months or so. Each facility and operation is unique, so please contact us with your desired application of the unit and we can provide complementary recommendations and feedback specific to your needs.

Where can the E1 be installed?

Both the mobile and mounted E1 Air Filtration units are designed to be flexible in their application and where they can be installed. All units are water resistant and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. We have multiple installation and filter options available and encourage you to contact us with your application so we can best guide you to the best unit design and placement.

The mobile unit can be rolled into any indoor facility, plugged in and turned on. The unit is most effective if it is positioned at the end or midpoint of a long room, preferably against a wall. Clean air will discharge high into the room and sweep contaminants down and low into the filters. The mobile E1 unit has the option of coming with a grille (standard), omni-directional nozzles or a ducted collar.

The mounted E1 unit can be installed inside or outside a facility. For a greenhouse or indoor grow, the unit can be setup to feed 100% fresh air into the unit, recirculate 100% of the room air or a combination of both. The unit can be installed vertically (similar to the mobile E1 unit) or horizontally and can be hung from most any structure. The unit weighs less than 200 pounds, allowing for it to be supported by most structures with correct setup. In all cases, we recommend drawing dirty air from down low (within 12” of the floor) and discharging clean air high into the facility. Contact us for recommendations and options.

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