Cannabis & Hemp Extraction

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Cannabis & Hemp Extraction Industry

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations are designed to ensure that products meet safety, efficacy, purity, and stability standards. With the increase in regulation, extraction facilities easily fall into the GMP lab set of required standards. Airflow, temperature and humidity must be monitored as well as the air particulate count to make sure things are being done in a controlled, clean environment. Currently, random regulatory inspections of commercial laboratories can be conducted anytime. With the increased regulation of hemp and cannabis extraction processes, you can expect this to apply in those industries as well.

The Element Grow suite of products offers you a variety of customizable options with which to protect your investment, ensure GMP compliance, and protect employee health. The E2 Air Filtration Unit with E-Guardian Monitoring can be sanitized inside and out, rapidly clean air particles from your space, and monitor particle levels over time. It offers a comprehensive GMP solution for your extraction space in a portable, easy-to-use package.

Safety & Integrity

The Element Grow line of products are designed for use in harsh, wet environments that require frequent sterilization.