E-Guardian Monitoring System

E-Guardian System

This IIoT based, calibrated sensor system is tailored to measure particle sizes that most affect agriculture and food processing facilities. Its early warning system will alert you to jumps in particle counts, allowing you to act quickly to contain contamination outbreaks and find sources. Data can be exported for reporting needs and the large touchscreen provides quality visual ergonomics. Mount the monitor or keep it free standing for versatility of use.


  • Largest particle measurement range of any sensor currently in production (o.3 to 40 microns).
  • IoT based system and live updates powered by Revo Robotics.
  • Calibrated sensor.
  • Early warning system to alert you of dramatic particle changes.
  • Export raw data to email.
  • Large, easy to use touchscreen.
  • Water resistant build allows for use in damp environments.

Patent Pending

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