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Construction Industry

Among the most serious indoor air quality health issues is the potential exposure to construction/renovation-generated pollutants in occupied buildings. The renovation of occupied buildings provides many potential exposure opportunities to pollutants.

Demolition of building materials can provide exposure to mold, asbestos, lead, bird waste, and other respiratory irritants. The application of tile adhesive, roofing materials, paints, and other products used during renovations provide point sources of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other irritating chemicals.

The impact of construction/renovation pollutants on occupied areas or contractor workers can be evaluated through air monitoring and active air filtration for airborne particles. Preventing and/or minimizing exposure to construction/renovation-generated pollutants is essential to reduce indoor air-related symptoms in building occupants and contractor workers. The use of active air monitoring and air filtration in occupied construction zones can help ensure occupant safety and reduce the risk of potential claims of occupant exposures to chemicals or airborne debris. It can also help protect construction workers from exposure to unforeseen contaminants that may be present in older buildings or manufacturing facilities.

The Element Grow lineup is designed to control and provide early detection of airborne particles that can affect human health. With near 100% efficiency in capturing any and all airborne contaminants greater than PM2.5 (as defined by the EPA) the Element Grow E1 and E2 products are proven to be rapidly deployable, portable and permanent solutions to maintain a safe working environment. With the E2 and E-Guardian systems, all airborne particles affecting human health are live tracked, recorded and can report out according to EPA’s guidelines of exposure levels of PM2.5 and PM10.

Safety & Integrity

The Element Grow line of products are designed for air monitoring and active air filtration of airborne particles to keep you safe.

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