Biocontainment & Medical Isolation

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Biocontainment & Medical Isolation

Element Grow products are specifically designed to address ultra-clean requirements through features such as ability to clean & sanitize, portability, zero-leak HEPA grad air filtration, bag-in bag-out filter replacement and more. Initially focused around the deployment of creating biocontainment patient isolation rooms, EG products can be rolled into a “hot zone” and immediately start monitoring, controlling and reporting on environmental conditions while also ensuring maintenance of pressurization requirements necessary for biocontainment.

The E3 HEPA Air Filtration Unit with optional E-Guardian monitoring is a highly customizable, medical grade filtration system. It’s pnuematic spring gasket compression system provides zero-leakage peace of mind and easy filter replacement. Mobility and easy to sanitize, the E3 can quickly be mobilized and repurposed for a multitude of biocontainment needs and situations. Customizable options for built-in particulate monitoring system, heating and cooling coils,  and more.

Safety & Integrity

The Element Grow line of products offer an extremely cost effective and reliable solution for those seeking ultra-clean and biological contamination compatible air filtration systems.

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