About Element Grow


Element Grow provides innovative, data-driven products to improve efficiency and effectiveness in agricultural systems.

Element Grow’s team has over fifteen years’ experience in agriculture production and processing, integrated pest management, biotech, and more. The challenges of designing complex agricultural systems into user friendly, functional and efficient applications is Element Grow’s passion. Element Grow understands that with the global changes in agriculture and regulation, the need for data-driven, scalable solutions that aid growth with limited resources is increasing. Our deep expertise and understanding of domestic and international regulations, product safety and compliance pathways inform our decisions on advancing rapidly changing industries by blending experience with best available technologies to provide the most reliable and cost effective solutions.

Improve the lives of agricultural producers and processors through the development of innovative and reliable systems.

To assist producers and processors in doing more with less through the power of data-driven, sustainably-minded, and scalable solutions.



Products that are easy to setup, use and maintain.


Environmentally minded products that operate efficiently.


Intelligent design for intelligent results.

Our Promise

Element Grow values its clients time and money by taking an integrated approach that pursues functional solutions: blending real needs with affordable, easy to use applications. Every solution provided by Element Grow represents a strategic and conscious balance of modern technology with industry proven equipment. We remain committed to advancing in a rapidly changing industry by creating solutions that help customers stay ahead of ever-changing regulations. Element Grow prides itself on creating products that serve long-term solutions over short-term, temporary fixes.
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