COVID-19: A Message to the EG Community

Image of COVID-19 Virus

We are all getting bombarded with emails, messages and news surrounding COVID19. Much of this messaging focuses on limiting contact, reducing business operations, cleanliness protocols for business, and reminders to wash our hands. These are important. We would like to add to the messaging by asking how companies, especially small businesses are going to rally and band together to support our communities and confront our invisible adversary. 

A History of Banding Together

In World War 2, lingerie factories making camouflage netting and nylon stockings put their efforts towards making parachutes. Baby carriages became field hospital food carts. Vacuum cleaners became gas mask parts. (As I write this, GM and Ford are already making moves in this direction, looking into the possibility of shifting their production to making ventilators.) America came together during World War 2 as a unified nation, putting their hope and drive as a free nation towards adapting existing industries to support the needs of the larger crisis and cause. 

The United States is a nation of talented creators and doers. I come to you with a message of hope and innovation. I call to you for action to rally and unite in support of both our local community and our nation. I stand before you as a family man of faith, a mechanical engineer, problem solver, and local small business leader. I dedicate my company to try and save lives. 


Adjusting in Times of Crisis

Effective immediately, Element Grow is converting our production line and modifying our designs to provide air filtration equipment to support the development of patient isolation rooms. We’ve reached out to our current partners and are working with Linked Enterprises to help develop and deploy mobile, containerized isolation rooms. This will support the rapid deployment of field hospitals for those that are sick and to protect those that are compromised. This is not about profits. This is about our personal belief and faith in doing what is right and just. This is about supporting our country in its time of need. 

Element Grow has a small prototype shop in Corvallis, Oregon. It has a small-scale metal fabrication abilities along with a host of 3D printers and the necessary software tools. This allows us to rapidly develop and pursue ideas to address the most urgent needs of our community. Hospitals may be in dire need of replacement medical parts and we encourage community members to join with us in finding ways to support them. Please reach out to me directly to highlight critical engineering needs you may know of or to join us as in pooling technical knowledge and resources in support of our community and possibly beyond. 


Take Action

While we wait for top down government decisions to take effect, I believe we can rapidly band together as a talented, foundational force of motivated individuals and small businesses to safely and creatively address our nations needs. We all have something to offer, big or small, even while confined at home or in a fabrication shop. We can contribute to the greater cause. I ask, at a minimum, that you please share this message to any and all. And please reach out to us as we start conversing and brainstorming ways we can us our capabilities to work together as a nation to support our communities. We are USA strong, USA smart and USA united.
In community,

Jason DuBose
Element Grow
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