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Filtration Unit

The E3 quickly removes 99.9% of airborne particle contaminants 0.3 microns and larger.

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E2 Air
Filtration Unit

Its built in particle monitoring system makes reporting easy and prevention priority through its early warning alert system.

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Monitoring System

An early warning system that will alert you to jumps in particle counts, allowing you to act quickly to contain contamination outbreaks.

GMP Ready HEPA Grade Air Filtration and Monitoring Units
Leading the way in powdery mildew prevention, remediation and clean technology

Element Grow’s team has over fifteen years’ experience in agriculture production and processing, integrated pest management, Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), biotech, hazardous containment and more. The challenges of designing complex agricultural systems that meet regulatory compliance into user friendly, functional and efficient applications is Element Grow’s passion.

Element Grow understands that with the global changes in agriculture and GMP regulation, the need for clean, data-driven, scalable solutions that aid growth with limited resources is increasing. Our deep expertise and understanding of domestic and international regulations, product safety, cleanroom tech, and compliance pathways inform our decisions on advancing rapidly changing industries by blending experience with best available technologies to provide the most reliable and cost-effective solutions.

  • Grow Cleaner

    Innovative and reliable tools to help you ensure your products are produced according to Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Element Grow keeps your facility clean, efficient and sustainable.

  • Quality Services

    Indoor grow operations, food production facilities, biocontainment and medical isolation facilities, powdery mildew remediation and prevention, mold and mildew remediation, smoke removal and more.

  • Exceptional Support

    Element Grow values a quality customer experience. All products include full consultation to ensure the application is right for you and for proper setup and use.

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